Kacon J2 Ø22/25mm Push Button Switch
Kacon J2 Ø22/25mm Push Button Switch

Kacon J2 Ø22/25mm Push Button Switch

Kacon J2 Ø22/25mm series pushbutton

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Kacon J2 series Push Buttons


Kacon high quality push buttons for panel hole diameter of 22/25mm offer the following advantages;


1. IP65 waterproof operation

2. Easy installation

3. IEC60947-5-1, IEC60947-5-5 approved standard

4. Economical for large project applications

5.  Fits both Ø22 and Ø25 mm hole


General Specifications


Specifications Ambient temperature -20℃ ~ +55℃(with no icing)
Ambient humidity 45% ~ 85%RH(with no icing)
Storage temperature -45℃ ~ +80℃
Storage humidity 90%RH Less than
Protection Grade Front of panel : IP65(IEC60529) / Selector, Key : IP40
Insulation Resistance Min.100MΩ 500VDC
Dielectric strength Contact 2,500V for 1 Minute
LED 2,000V for 1 Minute
Vibration resistance 500m/s²
Life cycle Mechanic Push button switch : 2,000,000 Times Selector, Key, Emergency : 500,000 Times
Electrical 100,000 Times
Rated Insulation Voltage 600V
Maximum switching current 10A
Rated current @ voltage 24V 120V 240V 380V
AC 50/60Hz Resistive Load
10A 10A 6A 2A
Inductive Lod
10A 6A 3A 1.9A
DC Resistive Load
8A 2.2A 1.1A -
Inductive Load
4A 1.1A 0.55A -
Terminal bolt M3.5 (Torque : 1.3N·m)
Suitable wire standard 14 ~ 16AWG
* Min using load reference 3VAC/DC 5mA
(can use range depends on the environment and the load type) The contact is silver contact
* Contact Material : Ag alloy (24K gold plate)
LED Color R : Red, G : Green, Y : Yellow, B : Blue, W : White, K : Black
Specifications 6VDC, 12VDC, 24VDC, 110VAC, 220VAC
Rated voltage D6 : 6VDC
D12 : 12VDC
D4 : 24VDC
A1 : 100 ~ 120VAC(50/60Hz)
A2 : 200 ~ 240VAC(50/60Hz)
Rated current 15mA
Electrical life time 50,000hrs
* LED working 50% less than the original brightness after 50000 hours。
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