Hanyoung LF4N Timer

Hanyoung LF4N Timer

Hanyoung LF4N-B timer

Voltage supply
Control output
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LF4N Digital Timer Controller


LF4N multi-function digital timer offers simple operation with 10 timer function modes and time ranges from 0.01 seconds to 9990 hours.


Model suffix code


Voltage 24-240V AC/DC, 50-60 Hz
Socket 8 pins 11 pins
Output Time limit, 1 contact

Time limit, 1 contact


1 instant contact

Time limit, 2 contacts Time limit, 1 contact
Time range 0.01 seconds to 9990 hours
Output mode 10 types Fixed A mode 10 types
Input signal Reset, Start, Inhibit No input Reset, Start, Inhibit

Timer mode

A On-delay
B Flicker on start
C On/Off delay
D Off-delay
E Interval
F One shot & Flicker
G Integration
H Interval Delay
I Flicker One-shot
J Power On-start
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