Dixell XR60CX refrigeration controller
Dixell XR60CX refrigeration controller

Dixell XR60CX refrigeration controller

  • Innovative digital controllers dedicated to heat and NT and LT refrigeration
  • Easy and intuitive programming mode
  • On/off key
  • Energy saving cycles through digital input
  • Outputs restart with door open alarm
  • Temperature Max and Min functions
Voltage supply
Frame Size
Current rating

Model XR60CX, format 32 x 74 mm, is microprocessor based controller, suitable for applications on medium or low temperature ventilated refrigerating units. It has three relay outputs to control compressor, fan, and defrost, which can be either electrical or reverse cycle (hot gas). It is also provided with three NTC or PTC probe inputs, the first one for temperature control, the second one, to be located onto the evaporator, to control the defrost termination temperature and to managed the fan, the third one, optional, to connect to the HOT KEY terminals to signal the condenser temperature alarm or to display a temperature. The digital input can operate as fourth temperature probe.

Connection Diagram

XR60CX connection diagram

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