The Humidity Experts

Relative Humidity and Dew Point Measurement For Virtually Every Application and Environment

At General Eastern, moisture is what matters. For almost thirty years, the company has led the industry in the development, design, and manufacture of complete line of humidity and temperature sensing and transmitting instruments. These moisture measurement products are used in manufacturing, commercial, laboratory, environmental, metrological and meteorological applications for everything from OEM sensors, to transmitters for building and HVAC, to specialized process control instrumentation and more. General Eastern also provides custom design and technical services, along with complete repair and calibration.

Chilled Mirror Hygrometer

Fundamental dew point measurement is a primary measurement used as a transfer standard for calibrating other humidity instruments and sensors. Chilled mirrors are also the sensor of choice where process and laboratory measurements call for high precision without long term drift. GE General Eastern’s Optica Series chilled mirror hygrometers offer NIST traceable humidity, temperature and pressure measurements for the connected generation. Now, data is accessible from anywhere, any time, from within a browser over the Internet or your Intranet. It’s imagination at work.